ON APARTS is in the allegorical city of Cordoba, in the heart of Nueva Cordoba. An emerging neighborhood full of life where youth and creativity meet to flourish, and the latest trends and new ideas can be seen everywhere. ON APARTS is located just a few meters from the well-known Paseo del Buen Pastor, and within walking distance of many other distinctive parts of the city: The Ferreyra Palace, The Caraffa Museum, The Jesuit Block and fashionable Güemes Neighborhood.

Nueva Cordoba is the center of economic, cultural, and social life of the city, which is why ON APARTS offers you its strategic location, ideal not only for work but also for creating new opportunities and for enjoying the city and its history. The hotel is in the safest part of the city, only a few blocks from downtown, and it is surrounded by museums, shops, boutiques, squares, parks, and a wide range of restaurants and cultural experiences, ON APARTS is the best alternative for all visitors from Argentina and from around the world when they visit Cordoba.

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Points of Interest

Paseo del Buen Pastor
1 min
Emilio Caraffa Museum
5 min
Ferreyra Palace
5 min
Jesuit Block
5 min 10 min
Plaza San Martin
5 min 13 min
Central Bus Station
5 min 13 min
Mini Bus Station
3 min 5 min
Cordoba International Airport
30 min