ON Experience

The ON EXPERIENCE offers you freedom, privacy, and the best service, and due to its strategic and exclusive location it is ideal for living and discovering the best of Cordoba city. Anyone who enjoys living the moment and savors the world will appreciate this experience, because life is best experienced when you walk right through it.

Lets take a look at what Cordoba has to offer:

This is how we walk around Cordoba. We take a leisurely stroll along its sidewalks. We feel the sun on our faces while we enjoy a great cup of coffee in a bar on our pedestrian streets. We wander through Güemes neighborhood and discover antique shops as well as new designs. We stroll along the Cañada and sense the movement of its shadowy trees and the people passing by. We walk through Nueva Cordoba neighborhood with all  of our senses , since this is where new ideas are born.

Cordoba is a bursting city with details which have a life of its own. And we love to explore them, because life is more real when you walk the experience.

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Creativity, design, connectivity, and great energy, discover the ON Aparts experience.

There is a common atmosphere running through all the halls, relaxation areas, and work spaces of ON APARTS: a positive mentality and a spirit of independence, creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurship.

For it is the people who make the ON APARTS experience a fulfilling one and turn its common spaces and work areas into ideal environments, great for the exchange of ideas, visions, and cultures. Staying at ON is an opportunity to expand your network of professional contacts and to continue discovering new business opportunities.

ON APARTS also receives a variety of organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs who use its installations for all types of events in a thriving business-oriented atmosphere.

  • 1 Meeting Room for 12 people
  • 2 Meeting Rooms for 8 People
  • Recreational Area for business meetings, events, and training .